Wondrous Winter

February 6, 2014

I started this off on a positive note, because as tired as I am of the snow, sleet and missed days of school, I do love the quiet repose and sleepiness that come with this time of year. Without it the plants can’t work their magic underground so they can feed us in body and soul in just a few short months. I also am inspired to cook more and differently during the long winter. More soups and stews, slower cooked entrees to savor, encouraging us to linger at the table just a bit more as the snow falls outside. To me the table is the heart of your home and family regardless of whether it seats 2 or 10, and is an heirloom piece or salvaged from a trash heap. It’s a place to gather, to pause, to reflect and refresh and push back the rest of world for just a little longer.

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